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Benjamin Taimoorazy, MD, FAHS

Triple-board certified in pain medicine, headache medicine, and anesthesiology, Benjamin Taimoorazy, MD, is a renowned headache and pain management specialist. He brings twenty years of experience and knowledge to Beverly Hills Migraine and Pain Management Institute, serving patients in Beverly Hills and Encino, California. 

Dr. Taimoorazy is one of only seven interventional pain management anesthesiologists in the nation and the only physician in California who is also sub-specialized in the field of headache medicine by the United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties. 

 Taimoorazy is also a clinical instructor of surgery at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign and a member of the nerve block registry of the AHS. 

Dr. Taimoorazy established the Guardian Headache & Pain Management Institute in 2011.

Dr. Taimoorazy is the author of “Before You Go Under: A Step by Step Guide to Ease Your Mind Before Going Under Anesthesia.” He is the inventor of the non-invasive, externally applied Napas™ airway management device used to improve breathing under anesthesia

Disclaimer: Practitioners titles are from their respective states. No claim of California licensure is made. 

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