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The Bernard Jensen 

Naturopathic History Museum


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Museum Show Times
March 17-19th
Show times may vary, please register your name for more information, below.


Dr. Bernard Jensen was heralded as one of the most learned, sought after and seasoned Naturopaths of the 20th Century. Being known vastly for his ability to cure the incurable and mend the hearts of the weary. His legacy permeates the profession, even today.

The museum had once been home to a physical location in San Marcos California from 2000– 2010. Unfortunately the recession made it impossible to continue operation and the museum and its col-lection had not been seen since that time.
The collection of treasures from our rich history boasts the first film cameras ever used for Iridology by the late doctor, his books which were in his private collection and
library, all of which spanned up to the late 1800s.

The California Naturopathic Association has also donated prized heirlooms to this collection. We hope that they will eventually transpire into a type of Naturopathic Museum for generations to come.
We invite all to come and experience a piece of our history and evolution of the sciences in Naturopathy, inlcluding Iridology.


Armenian Soceity of Los Angeles

117 S Louise St, Glendale, CA 91205

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