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Download Professional/Student Application


Benefits of Membership 

1. Staying current with laws governing and revolving around the practice of naturopathy.

2. Eligibility for Professional Practioners Insurance 

3. Belonging to an association who actually cares about your future and practice.

4. By belonging to our group you are supporting leaders who are always lobbying in
the house and senate for your right to practice!


5. Annual meetings to share insight and opportunity for growth.

6. Webinars on building and sustainable, legal, strong an orderly naturopathic practice in the state
of California. (Client questionnaire, disclosure forms, tips on growing your practice) 


7. Working towards a more unified Naturopathic Community

8. Clinical internship and practicum with State Approved Vocational Naturopathic Programs


9.Online referral list to be given to the general public .(Optional)

10. Laboratory testing services for hair mineral analysis, urine, saliva and blood. 
(Benefits subject to pending status)

11. Membership Certificate to present in your practice.

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