Nature Is Our Greatest Teacher

True Naturopathy at Its Best

Our History

The California Naturopathic Association was incorporated in 1993 out of the efforts of Angela Burr Madsen (Traditional Naturopath) and others to preserve the practice of Naturopathy in the state of California. The CNA is a Mutual Non Profit (501c-6) corporation that was created in 1993 to provide California with a viable association to preserve the titles of "Naturopath", "Traditional Naturopath" and "Naturopathic Practitioner". 
Since that time, we have been able to secure these titles and keep them in the public domain and create standards of education and community outreach to expand public knowledge on what Naturopathy is.

Nature Father

Dr. Bennedict Lust

Founder of American Naturopathy

Nature Mother

Angela Burr Madsen

Founder of California Naturopathic Association

California Naturopathic